Wajir leaders support State report on Wajir North, West and Eldas border lines

Man walked past a house torched by suspected clan militiamen in Basir. (Courtesy)

WAJIR— Elected leaders from Wajir County now want the government to go ahead and implement a report by the Regional Commissioner unveiled on Thursday.

Speaking in Wajir town, Wajir West legislator Ahmed Kolosh and his North counterpart, Ahmed Abdisalan supported the report, saying any individual who oppose it should be brought to book.

“Decision taken at the right time can save life, ” Ahmed Abdisalan said, adding that the exercise leading up to the report was properly done.

” I’m comfortable with the report and I will abide by it, ” he added.

He called for the quick resettlement of the residents he said were displaced by the clan conflict between communities in Eldas and Wajir North since 2012.

“They are roughly 1,700 people, ” he said when reporters asked for the actual numbers.

Ahmed Abdisalan stated that, “The report marked the end of the clan skirmishes.”

Flanked was the MP for Wajir West Ahmed Kolosh who cautioned politicians against preaching hatred at the wake of the report.

“We don’t expect any politician to go against the decision of today unless that politician prospers on the conflict,” Kolosh said.

He stated that individuals planning to disregard the report dubbed Wajir West and Wajir North Border Identification Report will be dealt with.

” All of us (MPs) were in support of what the report will state and we committed to accept it regardless,” he added.

The report whose content remains scanty is belived to declare the administrative boundaries between Eldas-Wajir North and Eldas-Wajir West.

The contentious locations are Lakole South and Lakole North, Masalale South and Masalale North and Basir which the report says falls administratively in Wajir West.

Eldas MP Aden Keynan has remained tight-lipped on this latest development despite him present at the residence of the county Commissioner on Thursday morning.

Outgoing Regional Commissioner, Amb Mohamed Swaleh has warned against defying the authority, saying any individual who frustrates the implementation of the report would be dealt with.

“We shall enforce it. Anybody who defies it will be dealt with regardless of position.” he warned.



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