Three teachers killed in an Al-Shbaab attack in Wajir County

Al-Shabaab militants recent attacks in Mandera have stalled development in the county. (Courtesy). Al-Shabaab attacks Wajir County.

WAJIR—Suspected Al-Shabaab terrorists killed three teachers and one was injured during an attack in Qarsa Primary School in Wajir County on Friday morning.

The alleged teacher who was injured esaped the attack with a bullet in his hand.

“Early this morning we received reports that there was an attack in Qarsa Primary School where three teachers lost their lives,” Wajir County Police Commander Stephen Ng’etich said.

Mr. Ng’etich confimed the happening and added that they sent security officers to the area to check on the situation.

Wajir AP commandant Mohamed Sheikh said that the attackers also set up an unprepared explosive device along the passage to the school.

“ one security vehicle responding to the attack ran over the explosive but no officer was injured,” Mr. Mohamed Sheikh added.

‘I can confirm that one of our vehicles that was responding to the attack was partly hit by an IED that had been buried along the route by the group but all our officers are in good condition,” he further stated.

The three bodies have not been collected.

The attackers have been targeting communication masts in Wajir County. At least five masts have been attacked in less than a month.


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