Shabab militants abduct two Wajir herders for declining to pay “Zakat” for animals

Al Shabab militants in past photo. (Courtesy)

WAJIR—Suspected Al Shabab militants have abducted two herders from Konton, Wajir East.

Residents said the two declined to pay “Islamic dues” to the militants, prompting their abduction.

The Star reports that the militants drove their animals to Somalia.

Residents fear the two could be arraigned in Shabab court for refusing to pay the taxes.

Wajir East legislator confirmed the incidents, saying a multi-agency security team was following up on the matter to have the two released.

“This is worrying. I want to call on the government to deploy a special unit along that area to prevent attacks and abductions,” he decried.

“It is high time the government seriously considers deploying a specialised security force in all the border areas similar to the one in the border town of Holugho that we saw properly handle the militants the other day,” the Star quoted him as saying.


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