Reprieve for parents as Wajir MP launches bursury kitty

Wajir East MP with Cabinet Secretary for Education, Amina Mohamed at Wajir town when they launched bursury kitty. (Courtesy)

WAJIR—Wajir East legislator on Saturday launch bursury kitty to help students from needy families.

Accompanied by the education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, Rashid Kassim said the program is aimed at eradicating illiteracy.

“Our children should put energy on achieving excellent grades as they will not be sent home due to issues concerning fees,” he said at Orahey grounds in Wajir County.

Rashid said the kitty would ease the burden of parents who struggle with school fees.

” We want to ease the burden of my constituents who are mostly impoverished,” the legislator added.

The program covered over 2230 students—1460 Secondary students and 770 higher learning students—-and schools, he said, have already received the cheques.

He continued:” We further gave 30 students full scholarship to students persuing Teaching Courses and I pledge to give full scholarship to anyone who wants (to) persue Education courses so that we can bridge the gap we have following the massive exodus of teachers from our constituency and County.”

Daadab legislator, Dr Mohamed Dahiye called on the students to avoid courses with no career path, stating that teaching was what the communities requires.

“A huge chunk of the students sign up for community development and business management courses. I don’t know how helpful those courses are to the community,” he said.

“Teaching is a noble course and we want more students to sign  up for education courses,” Wajir senator, Abdullahi Ali urged.

Amina Mohamed noted that the government would employ more teachers to make up for the teachers transferd by the Teachers Service Commission in  a process that remains controversial.


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