Police release photo and identity of suspected planning terror attack on Ramadan

NAIROBI – – – The police are looking for an Al Shabab militant believed to be in the country with intent to launch terror attack over the month of Ramadan.

Police spokesman, Charles Owino said Anthony Mbele Musyoya alias Abdalla is well trained, armed and dangerous.

Police statement added that Charles has been deployed into the country as part of an operative that were to conduct an attack in Nairobi in February, 2018.

“Charles is closely associated with Abdimajid Hassan who is currently facing terror charges for planning to conduct attacks in Nairobi using a Vehicle Borne Improvised Device (VBIED) which was recovered by police in Merti, Isiolo County on 15th January, 2018, ” the statement said.

Abdalla was fighting alongside Al Shabab since 2014.

The police stated that Abdalla was a habitual offender and together with other youths, they torched Living Water Church in Kitui.

After his arrest, he jumbed bail and sneaked into Somalia.

“Since Abdimajid was arrested, Abdalla is suspected to be in the country planning attack on Ramadan,” the police statement added.

His posters were shared online with a cash award for any leading information leading to his arrest.


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