Media watchdog lauds Independent Journalists in Jubaland

Jubaland Independent Journalists Association chairman and other officials (Courtesy) 

KISMAAYO — Jubaland Independent Journalists Association (JIJA) congratulated journalists in Jubaland and Somalia as a whole on World Press Freedom Day on May 3, 2018, after a meeting in Agan Hotel in Kismayo on Thursday.

“As we mark the World Press Freedom Day, I am glad to tell you that journalists in Jubaland received respect and protection from the Jubaland’s Ministry of Information and hope they will continue it, said Ahmed Aidid Dirie, Chairperson of the JIJA Group.

The Group appointed Mr. Dirie as their Chairperson last Tuesday, hoping the newly elected officials will advocate for more respect and protection from the local officials and the other stakeholders in the Jubaland State of Somalia.

“Unlike the other autonomous states in Somalia, journalists in Jubaland did not experience any harm from anyone last year because of us, journalists feel our responsibilities in terms of being fair and objective when we are covering politics and other sensitive issues, ” he said.

In a separate statement, Dirie said that the journalists in the Jubaland State of Somalia need new training and centers that they can do their work as independent journalists.

After congratulating the journalists, Mr. Dirie reminded his colleagues that they will reap the fruits of their work  in the near future.


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