Kenyan-owned taxi hailing app “TaxiNet” joins Nairobi market with 10% commission on drivers

NAIROBI—On the busy highways and roads in Nairobi, a new taxi hailing app is getting its fair share of the growing markets.

TaxiNet Kenya has launched service in the city, rivaling Uber, Taxfy and others for the local market.

Started by Kenyans with a view to solve the challenges of the local market, the app is gaining traction among the riders for its mouth-watering commission.

“We are basically the lowest, giving 10 p.c  commission to our drivers,” TaxiNet managing director Abdirahman Mohamed said during an interview with Capital FM News

He added that they are focusing on the challenges to build their brand.

“We are looking at the plight of our partners—drivers and the customers—because that’s what set us different from our competitors who have no knowledge of the local problem faced by the customers and the drivers,” Abdirahman added.

That’s the lowest in the market with Taxify and Little Cab charging drivers commission of 15% and Uber at 25%.

TaxiNet has over 1000 drivers with a projection of 5000 cars by end of 2018.

Abdirahman Mohamed says the company is aiming to branch to other major towns in Kenya by December.


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