How North Eastern leaders plan to end teachers shortage in the region

Wajir West MP, Ahmed Kolosh together with his Wajir East counterpart addressing the media at the TSC headquarters last month.

Political leaders from North Eastern have urged the youth to take teaching courses to ease the issue of teacher shortages in the region.

Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi stated he will support reforms in the education sector.

Lagdera MP Mohamed Garane said students from the region should enrol for education courses, which will steer them away from depending on teachers from other counties.

“Let us all change our mentality about taking education courses for the sake of our region,” Mr Hire said on Saturday during the launch of Wajir East bursary fund that was attended by Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed.

Mr Garane appealed to the Education ministry to assist them in building school infrastructure such as boarding schools.

On his part, Wajir East MP Rashid Kassim urged the youth to apply for bursaries so that they can pursue careers in teaching.

Daadab legislator, Dr Mohamed Dahiye called on the students to avoid courses with no career path, stating that teaching was what the communities requires.

“A huge chunk of the students sign up for community development and business management courses. I don’t know how helpful those courses are to the community,” he said.

“Teaching is a noble course and we want more students to sign  up for education courses,” Wajir senator, Abdullahi Ali urged.

Amina Mohamed noted that the government would employ more teachers to make up for the teachers transferd by the Teachers Service Commission in  a process that remains controversial.


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