Garissa health officials train school children in effort to contain cholera from spreading

By: Adan Mohamed

NAIROBI—A community based group in Garissa has stepped up efforts to contain cholera outbreak in areas considered too risky.

The disease was detected two weeks ago and has since cost the lives of over fifteen people.

The campaign by SAHI targeted NEP Girls High School and Iftiin Primary School. Schools are considered most prone due to the students who hail from different backgrounds.

The group led by the executive director, Abdi Weli Mohamed said that the main theme of the awareness was to teach the children how to observe hygiene.

“Our main objective is to educate and train the youngsters since they are affected people in the county,” said the director.

However, SAHI chief patron and nominated MCA Fatuma Abdi said she saw it fit to battle the outbreak through schools.

Speaking to Kulan Post, Fatuma also urged the residents to maintain high standards of hygiene and report any one with symptoms of watery diarrhea, headache and weak joints to relevant authorities.

The CEC for tourism and trade Adow Khalil Jubat who was also in attendance during the closure of the three day campaign, representing the CEC for health said that there is need for  such awareness  to be carried and urged other health officials to join this group.

“All relevant authorities must take part and join SAHI in speeding the awareness so that county will be free from cholera,” said the CEC.

Isolation centers has been set up in up in Sankuri, Fafi, Balambala and at the Garissa referral hospital which are equipped to handle the diseases.



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