Breast mutilated, eyes gouged out in latest Wajir conflict

The aftermath of a clan clashes in Wajir town early 2014.

Abdikadir Ukash

WAJIR— Gory pictures have surfaced on the internet showing a dead woman with mutilated breasts and a male corpse with gouged out eyes.

“They were killed at least a day ago,” one relative tells us as he struggled to fight back tears.

In what appears to be a renewed clan hostilities in Wajir county, a group of armed men are on patrol, looking for people and livestock from the rival clans.

The pictures are causing outrage on social media, particularly on Twitter where users are challenging the government to be proactive in a bid to prevent a massacre.

Under #WajirNiKenya hashtag, the users want to know why Internal Security Cabinet Secretary, Fred Matiang’i is silent over the matter as schools remain shut for the third week and transport to Wajir North remains paralysed over a month.

Towns and locations in the constituency have since established link with Moyale as supplies from Wajir town remain disrupted.

Last week, leaders from Wajir County held a press conference at the Parliament building to denounce the killing which they said was coordinated by powerful people to achieve “unidentified mission.”

“How long will this continue,” an emotional Wajir North member of Parliament asked.

He was flanked by his counterparts from Wajir West, South, the senator and the women representative Fatuma Gedi.

“People from my constituency cannot access the county headquarters because they are barricaded by armed militia,” he added.

He said the figures behind the killings “walk scot-free.”

“This cannot be left to continue and the government has to take decisive action,” he said.


After one expectant mother was killed in Malkagufu over the weekend, Fatuma Gedi, the women representative, challenged the governor, Mohamed Abdi to rise to the occasion and resolve the matter, saying the matter was political instigated.


Schools from Buna sub county and one from Eldas have been closed due escalating insecurity resulting from clan clashes.

“The community have deserted the affected areas and moved with their children and schools temporary closed and children relocated to safe zones,” a statement by the county department said.

The affected schools are Lakole Primary, Salah Primary, Masalale Primary, Kuro Primary, Basir Primary and Fullo Primay.

The unprecendented statement aded tgat Malkagufu primary is likely to be affected as panic is reported.

Schools have been advised to secure school property including learning materials and solar panels.

In Eldas, Lakole South Primary School has also been temporary closed as their families have also moved to safer zones. The learners have been temporary relocated to schools located on where there is ample security.


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